CFS offers high-quality, live MMA for spectators. The fighters are the foundation of our shows; we pay competitive fees to professionals and treat all of the athletes with the utmost respect. The safety of our fighters is our first concern, and we work with the CA Athletic
Commission, and their licensed physicians, to keep the environment as safe as possible.

California Fight Syndicate has built a team of dedicated business professionals that are not only are driven, creative, educated, and successful people on top of their game in fitness, & mixed martial arts, but with specialties in sales, marketing, and promotion. We are committed to entertaining the awesome fans of mixed martial arts.


“To provide the highest quality of entertainment, while providing integrity to the sport of mixed martial arts and being a positive, inspiring example to everyone involved.”

Company Overview

The California Fight Syndicate is a promotional company licensed by the California State Athletic Commission. CFS was founded by two influential local figures in martial arts, with a vision. With a vast knowledge, and active participation in the fastest growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts, fitness, & entertainment industries.

CFS specializes in sports entertainment, in conjunction with community involvement. Providing youth and adults alike a healthy social alternative. CFS has created events that provide the opportunity for all spectators to advance in their knowledge in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), & the athletes to showcase their talent. Our main focus is MMA events

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